Newsletter 1: Overview of Educate Yourself Project

Newsletter 1: Overview of Educate Yourself Project

Newsletter 1: Overview of Educate Yourself Project

Welcome to the first newsletter of the project of social inclusion through Self-education and learning for migrants “Educate Yourself” in the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships programme.


A little introduction…

Europe is facing an unprecedented wave of migration: European countries have become an immigration destination for many populations facing distress in their home countries. The economic integration of migrants is one of the priorities of the EU comprehensive approach to migration. It is crucial to empower migrants and refugees to develop the skills and to get access to knowledge and support that can enable them to build a solid livelihood and to be socially included in Europe. The migration challenge can be turned into an opportunity to create economic growth and jobs.

The Commission’s agenda on migration outlines an immediate response to the crisis situation with migrants and sets out longer term steps to manage migration in all its aspects. One of these steps is Legal migration and integration, aiming to integrate these people into European economy and social life.

Migrants actively contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of European societies. Their successful integration into society in the host country is the key to maximizing the opportunities of legal migration and making the most of the contributions that immigration can make to EU development.

To resolve the above mentioned challenges, following measures were proposed:

· The Action Plan on the integration of third-country nationals

– Integration in the labour market

· EU work and activities on integration

According to the above mentioned challenges, project proposal aims to achieve cooperation between organizations of the involved countries in order to answer the needs to support the migrants in the process of their inclusion to the EU and to provide them needed information, trainings and knowledge, necessary to integrate these people into European economy and social life.

Project’s main objective will be reached through implementation of analytical study, which will outline migrant’s needs in the field of social inclusion; creation of set of tools, training and guidance materials, which will support migrants in process of social, cultural, linguistic and economic inclusion and creation of innovative on-line platform, which will consist of helpful and useful information and materials, which each migrant can use, in the process of incorporation to the local environment.

Project’s specific objectives are:

           Strengthen cooperation between the organizations from different EU countries, in order to establish the exchange of practices;

          Improving the quality and relevance of services, offered to the migrants, through analytical study on migrant’s needs for social and economic inclusion;

         To promote employment and vocational training, including promoting early integration into the labour market and migrant’s entrepreneurship;

Intellectual Outputs of the project:

        IO1: Guidelines, structured as a help book for migrants;

        IO2: Set of tools – set of training and guide materials;

        IO3: Online platform;


On the first analytical stage of the project implementation, various practices and information in the field of supporting migrants will be collected and studied, in order to obtain a transnational view on how to better support and help migrants to settle down and to increase their skills and knowledge, in order to be active to the labor market and to be included to the social and economic life. All of the information gathered will be summarized in a help book, with different topics, based on the migrant’s needs. Also this will be used as a basis for creation and development of set of tools – set of training and guidance materials, willing to help migrants in their cultural, linguistic, economic and social preparation in the process of settle down to the new country.

On the second ICT stage of the project implementation, an online information platform will be created, with uploaded materials for training courses and useful videos, where all interested people can register and have access to the developed set of trainings and materials, aiming to promote the self-education and self-learning. This second part also combines innovative methodologies for self- education of the users, both in informal way and through the use of ICT.

 The project’s Educate Yourself innovation is in the following aspects:

        The methodologies used for self-education of the target group representatives in different fields (cultural support, linguistic support, social and economic inclusion, etc.) – combining analytical researches and guidelines (outputs 1 and 2) and use of ITC (output 3);

        The mix of the two approaches – analytical and ITC will generate strong impact to the target group representatives in the process of their inclusion to the European environment.

The project started in September 2018 and will end in August 2020.


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CEC (BE) – www.cecasbl.org

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