Newsletter 3: The Platform of Educate Yourself

Newsletter 3: The Platform of Educate Yourself

Newsletter 3: The Platform of Educate Yourself

Welcome to the third newsletter of the project of social inclusion through Self-education and learning for migrants “Educate Yourself” in the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships programme.


This newsletter will give you more information about the third Intellectual Output of the project 

The project’s aims are to outline migrant’s needs in the field of social inclusion; to create a set of tools, training, and guidance materials, to support migrants in process of social, cultural, linguistic and economic inclusion; and to create an innovative on-line platform, which consists of helpful and useful information and materials, which each migrant may use, in the process of incorporation to the local environment.

In order to do so, the Belgian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Spanish partners of the project collected various practices and information in the field of supporting migrants. These practices were studied to obtain a transnational view on how to better support and help migrants to settle down and to increase their skills and knowledge with the final objective to actively include migrants in the labor market and in the social and economic life. All of the information gathered was summarized, based on the migrant’s needs. Those thematics served as a basis for creation and development of set of tools – a set of training and guidance materials, to help migrants in their cultural, linguistic, economic, and social integration.


Fig. 1. The homepage of the Platform.


IO3: Online Platform

The online platform is a web-based informational portal with uploaded materials for training courses, where all interested people can register and have access to the developed set of trainings and materials, to help migrants for the process of social inclusion, gaining new skills and knowledge.

There are several types of training materials created (based on the country of origin of the participant). 


Fig. 2. The section dedicated to Belgium in French. English language is also available.


The online learning platform provides the users the following information:

  • Language training, available for Bulgarian, Spanish, Greek and French languages.
  • Cultural support training – how to adapt to the local environment.
  •  How to start a business – start-up business pack: how to generate and develop a business idea, how to register, start and run a company.
  •  Possibilities of requalification trainings.
  •  Important historical and geographical information for the region.
  •  Ways and instruments to find a job on the local market.
  •  Local legislation.
  •  Health care services.
  •  Several useful guidelines and manuals or documents related to all interested parties
    (psychological support, mediation activities, and different good practices)


Each project partner was responsible for his own set of tools (learning framework and learning material) according to the target groups. For the development of the tools, the partners used the answers of the questionnaire and adapted the material to the needs of the targeted groups, to their local contexts and to the methodologies of intensive training courses.
The Platform is available at www.platform.integritybg.com
The thematics are in English, with Belgium being bilingual (French added as well). To gain full access one should register. The registered user has access to the training materials on entrepreneurship and employment, and the sample documents regarding Job offers, CVs, Motivation letters and so forth, which may be used as starting points in the application process.
The Platform will be further updated with new materials.


Upcoming events:


28/05/2021: Final event

Brussels, Belgium



Integrity Consulting Ltd. (BG) – www.integritybg.com

CEC (BE) – www.cecasbl.org

Biowin (BG) 

Mesogeiako (GR) – www.mesogeiako.gr

Trinijove (ES) – www.trinijove.org Technical Training Bulgaria (BG)